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Wo Sher Bharat Ke: Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose & INA - 2
Wo Sher Bharat Ke: Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose & INA - 2
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Fault Lines Rs.495.00/-


The interwoven themes in the essays are mainly three: first, the exploration of Indian psyche which is characterised by pacifism manifesting in Indian civilisational belief that peace at all costs is not only vital but also attainable and the divisive Indian psyche, coming down from the earliest times in history, tearing apart the social fabric to shreds; second, for India to achieve its legitimate place of eminence in Asia, Pakistan as an idea or a territorial entity must be dismantled; and third, China will never allow India to breakout from sub continental confines.

The author advances the above themes by dissecting the policies and strategies of key players like China, Pakistan and the USA and how they impact on India. Many of the author's formulations are 'out of the box' ideas and are worthy of reflection and critical examination. For example, the popularly held view that 'a stable and prosperous Pakistan is in India's interest' is trashed; arguing in favour of preventing Pakistan from consolidating in Afghanistan and Central Asia so as to deny it strategic depth; advocacy of militarisation of India to deter China; forging alliances with countries (like Iran) that advance India's interest; engagement with the USA without the loss of autonomy in deciding foreign and domestic policies are ideas that should exercise the thinking of strategic community.

The book is a must read for strategic thinkers and researchers; many of the essays provide contemporary themes for testing them on the anvil of rigorous academic research.
USI Journal

“A thoughtful read, the book serves a dual purpose : an essential read for anyone interested in international relations, specifically the South Asian scenario, and as a clarion call for all Indians to set their houses in order because as the author says, ‘Pacifist tendencies may be good for the individual soul, but are suicidal for a nation’s security.’”

“(the author) recently made the headlines by declaring that China may attack India in 2012. Whether his ‘prophesy’ will come true or not, only the future will tell us. But apart from pointing out the aggressiveness of some of India’s neighbours, Mr Verma’s statement probably has another objective: To make us think about today’s India and its preparedness to cope with an unwanted and unexpected situation… (his) recent book brings some fresh air and forces us to take his ‘prophesy’ a bit more seriously.

For Mr Verma, one of the main problems is that many in India have “the tendency to create their own make-believe world, convinced that the invasions from our land frontiers for centuries could be ignored as the subcontinent assimilated the invaders in the existing society.” He adds: “How misplaced and erroneous a perception! Invaders from north-west/central Asia ruled over the locals by edge of the sword and forced their assimilation. Our helpless, bewildered ancestors with their petty bickering were left with no choice, and, therefore, tried to make a virtue out of consistent defeats. (This tendency) persists in the Indian mind.”
The Pioneer

“…he deliberates upon the impact of the emerging geopolitical situation on the nation's security and well being, analyses their implications and at each time presents assessments which have stood the test of time with the accuracy of their predictions.

The author argues forcefully for an offensive pro-active outlook when advocating the future strategies to be adopted by India. These range from the audacious to the most unique and cover a vast spectrum of strategies…The strategy proposed vis-a-vis Pakistan is highly audacious and considered too radical to find acceptance by the Indian leadership or by the international community.

…Faultlines, display his tremendous grasp and depth of understanding of the global geopolitical environment and their impact on India…Faultlines, provides an excellent source of reference and education in the field of international relations, strategy and military doctrine as it affects India and its reading is highly recommended for the Indian intelligentsia, personnel of the civil and foreign affairs services, military officers, students of political and military science and most importantly, the Indian political leadership.

'The publication of this book could not have come at a more appropriate time…The essays are categorized by the year they appear and reading the earlier essays invokes a sense of déjà vu .The suggestions are common-sensical and informed readers will no doubt shake their heads and wonder how would things have been if anyone in the decision making process in the establishment had thought over these points too.

The author cites occasions where India’s generosity has emboldened opponents further…This collection does not just criticize, it also informs and suggests alternate ways of securing India’s interests. 
Ultimately, this book holds a mirror reflecting past follies, but it also reflects the concerns of a growing, young nation which is interested in a strong and secure Nation.

This book is a must read for administrators and leaders and everybody who wants to know more about India’s evolution in a rapidly changing world.”

“It is important to understand what rheology is. "Rheology is principally concerned with extending the 'classical' disciplines of elasticity and fluid mechanics to materials."… the editor of the prestigious Indian Defence Review, has extended this concept to geo-politics.

The reading of Fault Lines is riveting… wish politicians entering the next Lok Sabha would have the editorials of the Indian Defence Review as a compulsory read.

It is difficult even for the best rheologist of geo-politics to predict the future of the subcontinent, but it is certainly better to be ready for any eventuality than to be caught napping. It is what Verma advocates throughout...”

Can the West led by America win the war in Afghanistan? Will China fight India to the last Pakistani? While the Chinese threat grows, does India continue to sleep? What is India’s fault line? Will Pakistan’s fault line splinter the state? Is stable Pakistan in India’s interest? Is New Delhi’s influence shrinking on its borders? How to tackle the creeping demographic invasion on our borders? What are the dangers to India’s territorial integrity? Should we take the war to Pakistan? Why must India develop cutting edge defence industries? Should India form an international alliance with other democracies? How can India acquire great power status?

This anthology raises many more pertinent questions vis-à-vis the nation’s security and discusses them threadbare.

Published in the Indian Defence Review from 1998 to 2009, these editorials display foresight by anticipating the many pitfalls India faces today. Therefore they are relevant in the present geopolitical environment. This collection also reflects the rapid strategic shift in the international equations.

Fault Lines confronts the truth, analyses the security issues that threaten the territorial integrity of the country due to the unstable neighborhood and offers alternatives.

It defines Fault Lines



India: the turmoil within • Neutralizing its military power • Indian Defence Philosophy : a ‘no-win’ concept • The emerging defence doctrine • Defending India • Pakistan : the counter strategy • Limitations of the American Power • The Creeping Invasion • Dismantle the Moghul Darbar! • The jihad factory • Maximise the National Power • Military Power : key to India’s future • China will fight India to the last Pakistani! • Media - the Force Multiplier • “India First” Policy Mandatory • Threats from Pakistan • Fight the Terrorist Like a Terrorist • Strategic advantage India • The Dangerous Decade • The next battlefield • America Must Stop Mollycoddling Pakistan • American Duplicity Targets India! • A Tale of Two Darbars • Strategy for Incremental Influence in Asia • Bush Unravels the American Aura • Not for a few Dollars More! • Strategic Follies • A Win-Win Combination • Merely a Tactical Pause! • Contours of a Grand Strategy • The Bushfire! • Thinking Outside the Box! • Crafting a Winning Strategy • Mollycoddling a Terrorist State • Asia in a Tailspin • Revolution in Indian Mindset? • Eminence in Olympics • Military-industrial Complex • Fencing the Borders • EU to Empower Chinese Military • Scramble for the Indian Air Show • Unravelling the Chinese Checkers • The Chief of Defence Staff • The Indian Fault Line • Lateral Induction • Pakistan’s Fault Line • Leapfrog the Technological Gap • The Winnable War • Modernisation of Defence Forces • Military Power • Shrinking Influence • The Danger • Carrot and Stick! • Threat from China • Stable Pakistan Not in India’s Interest • Time to Shift Gears • Declining Military Prowess • Develop Cutting Edge Defence Industries • Take the War to the Enemy

Author: Bharat Verma, Editor Indian Defence Review
ISBN: 978-1-93550100-8
Pages: 336
Features: Size 6x9 in
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 26 March, 2009.
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